Malin's Deli

We are working on our new website and it should be ready to launch soon.  In the mean time, our current menus are shown below.

  • Located at: 812 S College Ave, Newark, DE 19713
  • Open 7am - 8pm, Monday to Saturday, Closed Sunday

    To place an order for pickup, call us! (302) 368-0431
  • For delivery, contact one of the following:
  • Grubhub   |  DoorDash


Breakfast Sandwiches, Breakfast Subs and Side Orders
Subs and Sandwiches Menu
Steaks, Hot Subs and Hot Sandwiches Menu
Soup, Chili, Salads, Sub Platters, Cheese Steak Tray, 3 & 6 foot subs and Wings Menus

Catering Menu

Sub Trays

  • 18 pieces per tray (3 inch pieces)
  • Mix up to 3 different kinds
  • Meat, cheese, lettuce, tomato, and spices come on all the subs
  • Onions, pickles, hot and sweet peppers, mayo and oil all come as sides
  • $65 per tray (excluding fresh turkey which is an upcharge)

Cheesesteak Hot Pans

  • Our hot pans come with 20 pieces per pan
  • You can do all cheesesteaks, all chicken cheesesteaks, or a mix of both
  • $80 per pan


  • We have catering sized salads – we offer both tossed salads as well as chef salads (tossed salad w/meat)
  • Tossed salad – 80oz = $30 / 160oz = $40
  • Chef salad – 80oz = $40 / 160oz = $65
  • We provide mixed dressings on the side as well as serving tongs